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Welcome to the KTimer Project Page.

Now supporting linux. Download
Windows package. Download

This program was developed in python with the wxpython toolkit. Its use is extremely straightforward, if there are questions about it please comment on this development site or email me at with subject KTimer.

It is supported by any recent Windows OS (XP being the oldest MSW I have tested).
I will be porting this program to linux in the future based on feedback.

It utilizes a straightforward GUI with a LED Display to show the countdown in progress. At the end of the given time it executes the option selected under Settings. The current possibilities of settings are listed below.
  • Shutdown
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate
  • Notification of the ended time.

The program now also has the ability to execute the Setting after a given process is closed.

Here are some images of the program for your viewing pleasure.

KTimerMain.png KTimerMenu1.png

I am only adding new features as they are requested to keep the program concise and uncluttered with unneeded features that tend to confuse users and anger other developers.

For new feature requests or the latest updates on features please click the Discussions tab.

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